Dagga couple – Tribute to Julian Stobbs

As we near Father’s Day, Cannacopia pays tribute to one of the incredible South African “fathers” within the cannabis industry in South Africa, Julian Stobbs. Julian showed unfaltering dedication as one half of the dynamic cannabis advocacy duo, known as the Dagga Couple. He was unfortunately shot in his home during an armed robbery on 3 July 2020. It is nearing the anniversary of his passing, and in celebration of Father’s Day, we honor Julian by taking a look at the valuable contributions he made as an advocate for change within the cannabis industry. 

The Story of the Dagga Couple

Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke, known as the Dagga Couple, shared a strong passion for cannabis and also shared a vision for change within the industry. In South Africa, they started an advocacy journey together, with a strong desire to argue the stigma and unjust laws around cannabis. Julian, a former artist, and Myrtle, a former director, combined their skills and determination and created a solid force for cannabis legalization in South Africa. 

Their journey started when their home was raided by law enforcement, which sparked a fierce determination to fight for cannabis rights. Through public engagements, media appearances, educational initiatives, their Fields of Green for All initiative, and more, they raised awareness of the benefits and  potential of cannabis, playing a crucial role in shifting the public’s perception. Their legacy will forever be intertwined with the progress made in decriminalizing and destigmatising cannabis. 

Remembering Julian Stobbs

Julian Stobbs was a true champion for cannabis activism. With unwavering passion, he fought for individual freedom, social justice, and the recognition of cannabis as a beneficial and therapeutic plant. Julian is remembered for his incredible spirit, warmth, and great sense of humor.  

Julian’s legacy will continue to shape the future of Cannabis in South Africa and beyond. The unstoppable commitment, strategic approach and enduring impact of his work serve as a true example of the power of individuals who dare to challenge the status quo and fight for what they believe in. 

Julian Stobbs’ Contribution to Cannabis Legalisation in South Africa

Julian, alongside his partner, Myrtle Clarke, fearlessly took on the legal system in their pursuit of cannabis legalization. They embarked on a journey of numerous legal battles, which were spread over a decade, and shed light on the outdated cannabis laws in South Africa. 

Julian played a pivotal role in challenging the constitutionality of cannabis prohibition in South Africa. They argued that the criminalization of cannabis stole citizens rights to privacy, dignity, and freedom of choice. 

In 2018, the Dagga Couple successfully challenged the constitutionality of cannabis prohibition in the Constitutional Court. This ruling decriminalized the personal use and cultivation of cannabis, a massive step toward individual freedom and social justice. 

The Future of Cannabis Legalisation in South Africa

Cannabis activists in South Africa continue to face various challenges in their quest for full legalization. Some of what they are challenged with daily is political resistance, bureaucratic hurdles, limited financial services access, and overcoming the societal stigmas around cannabis use. 
Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke’s legacy calls on us to continue advocating for fair and equitable cannabis laws, and the promotion of responsible cannabis use. Supporting organizations and initiatives dedicated to cannabis legalization in South Africa will help shape the future of cannabis in South Africa. The 420 culture as a whole can continue the work initiated by the Dagga Couple, by uniting voices and supporting the movement.

Final Words

Julian was not only a legal advocate but was also influential in changing public perception and in raising awareness. His efforts, along with Myrtles, contributed to the public having a greater understanding of the medicinal, economic, and social benefits associated with cannabis use. As we reflect on Julian’s life and legacy, we honor his memory at Cannacopia this Father’s Day. 

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