Sister Vee Nohombile: An Honorable Woman in the Cannabis Industry

This woman’s day we would like to take a moment to recognise a special woman within the Cannabis industry, Sister Vee Nohombile, who is the author of “Cannabis is The Human Companion Plant”. This book has sparked much curiosity and debate as it offers unique insights into the relationship between humans and this ancient herb. Let’s take a look at the influence Sister Vee Nohombile has played within the Cannabis industry, as well as discuss her book. 

Who is Sister Vee Nohombile?

Sister Vee is a rastafarian who is based in South Africa, who has served as a herbalist, environmental advocate, and a passionate writer. Her journey began with a deep fascination for traditional healing practices, and the old-age connection between humans and plants. Sister Vee’s curiosity led her to research the historical uses of cannabis as medicine, as well as its significance in different cultures. Since 1981, Sister Vee has been arrested and raided for Cannabis more than 11 times, and she managed to escape arrest many more times. Sister Vee was forced to work off the grid for the patients who desperately needed her healing medicine for various ailments. 

Cannabis is The Human Companion Plant

Inspired by her grandmother’s wisdom, Sister Vee embarked on a personal quest to understand the role of cannabis in human history. Her book, Cannabis is The Human Companion Plant, serves as an amalgamation of her research, experiences, and heartfelt stories. The book takes a closer look at the spiritual, medicinal, and cultural dimensions of cannabis, as well as challenges the stigmas around it. 

Sister Vee completely reframes the narrative around cannabis in her book, presenting it as a companion plant rather than a recreational substance. Drawing from her knowledge and ancient traditions, she explores ways that cannabis has been a vital part of human existence for many centuries. The book shows how different cultures all over the world have incorporated cannabis into their healing practices. Sister Vee brings forth the diverse uses of the plant from spiritual significance in the Rastafarian culture to its therapeutic applications in traditional medicine. 

Addressing Stigma and Advocating for Responsible Use

Sister Vee does not shy away from addressing the societal stigma around cannabis. She has many well-researched arguments and compelling narratives in her back pocket, ready to advocate for responsible use and decriminalization, especially for medicinal purposes. Sister Vee has played a vital role within this area in the cannabis industry. 

In Conclusion

Sister Vee Nohombile is a remarkable woman within the cannabis industry, and her book is a wonderful exploration of the enduring bond between humans and cannabis. By encouraging open lines of communication and promoting responsible use, Sister Vee paves the way for a more compassionate approach towards cannabis. Her writing not only contains historical significance but also reminds us of the interconnectedness between humans and the natural world.. Head over to the Cannacopia website to get your hands on a copy of her book now! 

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