Five Empowering Women of Cannabis

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! As we honor the incredible women in our lives, it is also important to celebrate the achievements of women who have made a significant impact within the cannabis industry. There are numerous inspiring women who have played a vital role in shaping and empowering the industry. From entrepreneurs and advocates to scientists, these women have championed change within the cannabis industry. 

Five Inspiring Women Within the Cannabis Industry

Let’s introduce to you five extraordinary women who fearlessly carved their paths in the world of cannabis, leaving a mark for the both industry and society as a whole. 

Dr. Shiksha Gallow

Dr. Gallow is an East London-based holistic medical professional that stands at the forefront of the emerging field of medical cannabis. She has extensive training and expertise in prescribing cannabis as a form of therapy for a variety of health conditions. Through her tireless efforts, Dr. Gallow has not only helped countless patients find relief but has also become an influential advocate for the responsible and evidence-based medical use of cannabis. She has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between conventional medicine and the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

Myrtle Clark

Myrtle Clark is an empowering woman who is at the forefront of the cannabis movement in South Africa. She has played a vital role in challenging the negative perceptions attached to cannabis, and advocating for the legalization of cannabis in SA. Myrtle and her late partner, Julian Stobbs, were arrested in 2010 for the possession of cannabis in their home. This event sparked a fierce passion for Myrtle & Julian to fight for the rights of cannabis users, and change the outdated laws. Together they co-founded the advocacy group Fields of Green for All, which has been an exceptional resource for promoting cannabis education, research and policies in South Africa. Myrtle’s courage and relentless efforts helped reshape the perception of cannabis in South Africa.

Kelly McQue

Kelly is a cancer survivor with a passion for holistic healing. She has emerged as a leading figure in the world of cannabis. She is a dedicated cannabis activist, educator and entrepreneur, motivated by managing her own health challenges using cannabis. Kelly founded a wellness brand focusing on high-quality cannabis-based products, while also advocating for legalization. Kelly can be commended for empowering individuals to seek alternative health options such as medicinal cannabis and encourages people to make their own cannabis medicine. She has really opened up a door for others to see the healing potential of the cannabis plant.  Read Kelly’s story and find convenient recipes for oils, creams and balms in her well written book At Home With Cannabis.

Sister Vee Nohombile

Sister Vee is an incredibly inspiring woman, who made significant changes within the cannabis industry. As a qualified nurse and cannabis advocate, Sister Vee has been instrumental in breaking down barriers and removing the negative stigma surrounding the use of the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes. She saw no end to educating both patients and healthcare professionals on the benefits of cannabis as treatment for a wide range of conditions. As we can see in her comprehensive book Cannabis is the Human Companion Plant. Sister Vee has successfully challenged many perceptions of the use of cannabis medicinally. 

Louise Maxwell

Louise Maxwell, an inspiring woman from South Africa who has become a driving force with her innovative approach and unwavering passion for the cannabis plant’s potential. Louise made significant progress in advancing the industry and helping encourage individuals to accept the benefits of cannabis when she launched her first of many Women of Weed (WOW) events in August 2020. Through Louise’s business, she has led the development of cutting-edge cannabis products. Louise dedicates her life to education and advocacy of cannabis in South Africa, and has helped to reshape the perception of the public on the cannabis industry. 

Last Words

In South Africa, we have a bunch of holistic professionals like Dr. Gallow, advocates like Myrtle Clark, entrepreneurs like Kelly McQue and Louise Maxwell who revolutionized product development and education, and compassionate caregivers like Sister Vee Nohombile. These women have left a mark on the cannabis industry, never to be forgotten and we at Cannacopia, proudly support and celebrate them. Thank you for celebrating with us!

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