The Heart of Cannacopia, Hogsback

Cannacopia is a quaint CBD/Canna store based in a magical mountain village called Hogsback. Today, in celebration of Cannacopia’s 1st birthday, we celebrate the beautiful woman at the heart and the birth of Cannacopia, South Africa.

Who is at the Heart of Cannacopia?

Cannacopia, Hogsback was founded in 2022 by Joanne Campbell, born in Vanderbijlpark in 1972. She started smoking weed when she was in her early teens, back when it was highly illegal in South Africa, and has been smoking ever since.

Joanne worked mostly within the banking and hospitality industries throughout her career. As she put it: “Working for peanuts while making other people rich!”. 

For many years Joanne played with the idea of opening her own business and building on her dreams. Joanne moved to  Hogsback, South Africa, in 2010, where her Mom was living at the time and worked in the hospitality industry for 6 years. She  started dreaming of opening a Cannabis shop after the Concourt ruling in 2018 where it was deemed legal to possess, use and grow cannabis for private purposes.. Her dreams became a  reality when Cannacopia was opened in February 2022. 

Fun fact: Joanne has been arrested for weed 3 times.

How Cannacopia was Born

Cannacopia was born in the streets of Hogsback. If you have never been to  Hogsback, you should pay this magical place a visit. Hogsback is known for magical forests, weed, shrooms and a fairy here and there. It’s an enchanting  village perched on top of the Amathole mountain range, Eastern Cape.  For everything Hogsback go to

Cannacopia started as a little market stall at  Butterfly Bistro (unfortunately closed permanently now) and later Happy Hogs,  both popular restaurants on the main road. Joanne attended and traded at local markets, and towards the end of 2021, she decided to go bigger and opened a formal shop.

Joanne searched for premises, and found an offer for a “pop-up shop” in a perfect spot at The Gallery Square building on the Main road slap bang in the middle of Hogsback.. Of course, Joanne agreed and decided to give it a try. It was a huge success, and Joanne knew right there in her heart, this was what she wanted. 

A couple of weeks later the same premises became available for rent and Cannacopia was officially born on 25 February 2022. The website was later launched in October 2022, now holding over 60 different products including health and beauty, oils, edibles, books, and accessories or merchandise. New products are being added regularly and Joanne hopes to have most of the 160+ shop products on the website by the end of 2023. 

Most shops have such overwhelming information on the labels and flyers, leaving customers confused and overwhelmed At Cannacopia, that is simplified by matching the product with the health ailment using product names such as Anxiety & Depression Oil, CBD Lollipop: Immune Booster, and the Icy Hot Gel

There is enough stock of each CBD product available for collection in-store or delivery anywhere in South Africa. From essential oils to CBD edibles or even products for pets, you should find something to meet your health needs. Cannacopia prides itself on stocking a variety of good quality products in abundance. 

Cannacopia collaborates with various local businesses and believes in supporting local.  Suewellyn is part of the team at Cannacopia, and Joanne describes her as valuable to her business, appreciates her creativity, initiative, hands on approach and she is an asset to getting stuff done. 

Periodically, Joanne still represents Cannacopia at markets and Cannabis events outside Hogsback, within the Eastern and Western Cape. 

Joanne’s History with Cannabis

Joanne has always been a smoker, mostly of THC. Initially CBD had no value to her, until she started to grow and use it. At the start of her use of CBD, things changed. She noticed that she felt more focused on tasks at hand, and even while driving.  CBD brings with it a calmness, a relaxation, as well as a clear focus. 

Joanne has suffered with pain and anxiety/depression for many years, and she understands how debilitating the effects can be. She has found that the use of Cannabis for these ailments has worked wonders for her. Joanne says: “Sometimes it’s not all about getting high, as much as the other benefits of using products such as the Diabetes Support Oil or the Blood Pressure Support Oil”. 

Growing workshops are hosted by Joanne. She has a strong passion for helping others learn to grow their own Cannabis. Event details are regularly updated on the Cannacopia Facebook page.  You can also book a private workshop with a group of friends.

When we titled this blog “The heart of Cannacopia”, it was done for a reason, Joanne is extremely passionate about her products and how they can change people’s lives for the better. She goes the extra mile for her customers and provides a lot of education on her products and how they work. 

Future Goals of Cannacopia

Like a mother raises her children, Joanne works very hard on the future of Cannacopia. Her main passion is to educate people on the healing abilities of Cannabis and to offer the Cannacopia customers a solution for many ailments, regularly adding to their product range. Keep an eye out for weekly educational blogs on topics related to Cannabis and its healing properties. 

Final Words

The team at Cannacopia care deeply for what they do, and strive to have a wide variety of products to help ease the ailments of individuals within South Africa. For their 1st Birthday, there is a massive discount on a variety of products. You should head on over to the Cannacopia Website and add your selected products to your cart. Be sure to take full advantage of this sale. You can opt to collect in store, or have it delivered anywhere in South Africa. With the high quality products at Cannacopia, you won’t be disappointed.